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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How was our organization recommended for this year’s Gay Travel Awards?

Each year millions of LGBT+ travelers visit GayTravel’s website, social media channels, partner sites, and news releases. Throughout the year, GayTravel asks visitors for recommendations to be considered in addition to those curated by our experts and editors, who collectively have over 100 years of LGBT+ travel experience.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Gay Travel Award nominee?

The travel industry has long realized the value of reaching out to and serving the underserved, loyal, and lucrative $200 Billion LGBT+ travel market. Now LGBT+ allies, governments, public and private institutions are also paying keen attention to the sincerity and consistency of an establishment’s outreach and reputation regarding LGBT+ inclusivity. Gone are the days of celebrating Pride one week a year. Travelers are making their decisions based upon much more than price and location alone. This is an unprecedented time to expand your outreach and visibility to gay travelers 365 days a year. Promoting yourselves as a Gay Travel Award nominee tells the world you are deserving of a higher level of distinction. is the #1 ranked LGBT+ travel company and has been a leading influential brand for gay travelers for over twenty years. While you may espouse your establishment's gay friendliness as part of your ongoing marketing and PR strategy, meticulous surveying of the LGBT+ market indicates that 92% have more confidence in the information they find themselves on a trusted 3rd party recommendation site like than from the information coming directly from the establishment itself.

Q: Are there any fees associated with the application process?

There is an application fee of USD $299 which is assessed only upon and after an applicant has been approved. There is no fee if your application is unsuccessful. In addition, all partners' application fees are waived as part of their annual memberships. If you are not a current partner and would like to learn how your application fee can be waived by becoming a partner, please email or call 1-800-GAY-TRAVEL ext. 709.

Q: What are the next steps in the Gay Travel Awards process?

All recommended nominees are first contacted to determine if they wish to be considered as an official nominee. Those that choose to be considered will be contacted and interviewed to ensure they meet the qualification requirements.

Q: What happens if we complete the application process and ultimately become a Gay Travel Award nominee?

You will be notified of your designation and invoiced for your entry fee. Upon receipt of payment, you will be officially nominated. You will then receive the official Gay Travel Awards nominee badge along with the rights to use the official marks in your public relations and marketing efforts. You will also receive “vote for us” banner media and press release examples to use to get the word out regarding your nomination. You will have rights to use the official marks and logos that will identify your organization as a Gay Travel Award Nominee and for a select few as a Gay Travel Award Winner!

Q: How can our organization become a Gay Travel Award winner?

Following nomination, voting will take place on the website in mid-December. In advance of that, you will receive a voting kit for promotion on your own platforms in order to encourage votes for your organization within your category. Voting is only one of a number of crucial components weighed as part of our selection process. Winners are ultimately determined through a proprietary algorithm designed to weigh criteria consistent with the Awards mission, primarily surrounding the acceptance and outreach towards LGBT+ travelers, as well as the uniqueness of the service levels, amenities, and overall guest experience. Winners are announced by the end of December and will receive their winner's kits shortly thereafter. The kits include the rights to use the official marks both with digital media and via award stickers and certificates.

Still have questions?
Please email or call 1-800-GAY-TRAVEL ext. 709 or 1-503-536-7271 ext. 709 for international calls to the United States. 


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