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The Gay Travel Awards

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Key Dates

October 14th

Recommendations End

December 12th

Nominees Selected

December 16th

Voting Begins

December 31st

Winners Announced

2018 Gay Travel Awards Winner

Destination, International

2017 Gay Travel Awards Winner

Ocean Cruise Line

2016 Gay Travel Awards Winner

Airline, International


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Gay Travel Awards?

The Gay Travel Awards support and promote LGBT+ travel and tourism by identifying and rewarding select destinations, properties, events, and travel-related organizations that exemplify a spirit of inclusiveness and acceptance, and provide exemplary customer service and hospitality excellence. These distinguished organizations lead by example and help to inspire and challenge other companies and brands to follow their spirit of inclusiveness as well, as to constantly improve their amenities and service levels.

Q: Who qualifies for the Gay Travel Awards?

Nominations are chosen based on recommendations from our audience, both on and

Q: Where does voting take place?

Voting takes place on the website. Voting opening, rules, and prizes will be announced through our Newsletter, as well as on our Social Media Channels.

Q: When are the Gay Travel Awards winners announced?

The Gay Travel Awards winners will be announced December 31st, 2019.

Q: How are the Award Winners chosen?

The Award Winners are decided through a proprietary algorithm designed to weigh criteria consistent with the Awards mission, primarily surrounding the acceptance and inclusiveness of LGBT+ travelers, as well as service levels, amenities, and overall guest experience.

Gay Travel Awards

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